Online Training: virtual, flexible, individual

Digital learning has become an integral part of our educational landscape. With our virtual training offerings, you can remain flexible and save costs in the process.

Online Trainings

In our online training courses, you will be trained live by one of our trainers. The focus here is on the compact transfer of knowledge in a short time, which is why you have fewer opportunities to interact with other participants, but you can of course ask the trainer your questions at the end of the webinar.


Knowledge, tips, and tricks - accessible whenever and wherever you want! Our e-learnings are available for a standard period of 180 days. You decide when and how often you want to work on the modules. You can book the modules individually or as a package. Based on a tablet application, we can also create customized learning applications that can be played on common operating systems. 

Our e-learning courses at a glance

E-Learning Assistant Systems

Operators, mechanics, and service personnel receive background information and guidance on how to operate the current assistant systems of the rotary drilling rigs of BAUER Maschinen GmbH. 


  • Module 1: One-directional Spoil Discharge Assistant 
  • Module 2: Bi-directional Spoil Discharge Assistant 
  • Module 3: Crowd Plus 
  • Module 4: Casing Assistant 
  • Module 5: Automatic Mast Alignment 
  • Z2 Equipment Management Software WEB-GBM 3.0  

Duration: max. 1 hour per module 

E-Learning for Operators

ased on our standard training for equipment operators of Bauer rotary drilling rigs, we have developed modular e-learnings for important topics:  


  • Module 1-2: Undercarriage Systems 
  • Module 1-3: Undercarriage Systems with Casing Oscillators BV 
  • Module 1-4: Rotary Head (KDK)  Systems 
  • Module 1-5: Kelly Systems and Kelly Bars 
  • Module 2-1: Stability of Special Foundation Construction Equipment 
  • Module 2-2: Working Planum 
  • Module 2-3: Safety for Operators - Rope Technology 
  • Module 4-1: Safety for Operators - Limit Switches 
  • Module 4-2: Safety for Operators - Hydraulics 

Duration: max. 1 hour per module 

Next Level Operator Training (NLO)

With our brand-new Next Level Operator Training (NLO), you now benefit from an innovative Augmented-Reality solution (AR) based on the RemAid software. Your advantages:  

  • Training and instructions can take place promptly and independent of location, thus reducing your costs. 
  • In case of issues, you receive professional support. 
  • You can start the system anytime and anywhere. 
  • Your staff and our experts communicate directly with each other – different locations are no longer a barrier. 


E-Learning for Equipment Operators, Mechanics and Service Staff | BAUER Training Center

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