Next Level Operator Training: Innovative AR solution for training operators of specialist foundation engineering equipment

Schrobenhausen, Germany – Safety is an immensely important issue on construction sites. It is of crucial importance that equipment operators are well trained and able to safely control their machines. But events like the COVID-19 pandemic have demonstrated that it is not always possible to conduct training for equipment operators in person. The topic of sustainability and the question of which business trips are avoidable also plays an increasingly important role. Based on these considerations, the BAUER Training Center GmbH developed the “Next Level Operator” application together Usaneers GmbH. “The training solution was designed for specialist foundation engineering equipment, but can easily be applied to other site areas and equipment,” explains Jerobeam Rückert, Managing Director of BAUER Training Center GmbH.

There are two training options for the construction sector. The only prerequisites are a stable internet connection and augmented (AR) reality glasses with the corresponding software.

For option one, the trainee wears the AR glasses and the trainer is connected virtually from anywhere in the world, providing live guidance in the application. In this way, the trainee is presented with a worksite under real conditions, but also receives the necessary support to manage the task as well as the required theory. The visual field of the glasses is transmitted in a web application and enables the trainer to interact via video and audio from any location. The versatile tools of the AR application make it possible to highlight objects in the working environment, display images, videos or technical documents in the visual field or also work together on the shared screen. The entire time, the trainee has his or her hands free to carry out the required activities.

For option two, the trainer wears the glasses and is on the equipment or on the site. The trainee follows the activity remotely. This option is particularly suited for groups, as multiple participants can follow the training from their own end device or together in the training center.

In general, this digital training solution offers numerous advantages: First of all, an enormous gain in safety on the site due to regular training. Second, a better utilization of the equipment’s technical possibilities, and more efficient operation in consequence. This is associated with lower downtimes, as damages can be prevented through better equipment knowledge. Third, training can be individually adapted to the knowledge level of the individual equipment operator. And last but not least, the trainer does not need to be on site. Particularly when a variety of sites are involved, trainers can therefore support a far larger number of colleagues. This saves travel costs for all parties and protects the environment.

“The Next Level Operator Training opens up entirely new options in training and development for us and our customers,” remarks Jerobeam Rückert. “We are proud that we have made it to the finalists’ round for this year’s Bauma Innovation Award with this future-oriented technology.”


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