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Climate change, urbanization, population growth – all these factors require new approaches for the supply of energy and raw materials. Not only on land but also offshore, new sources need to be explored to cover the demand of future generations. At the same time, the impact on sensitive ecosystems in maritime regions must be kept to a minimum. At Bauer, all these considerations shape the development and construction of equipment for offshore foundations (e.g. for wind farms), deep sea sampling and mining as well as sea bed drilling. Our Maritime Technologies division already offers a wide range of custom solutions and is advancing the research and development of future technologies in this area.

Dive Drill

The underwater drilling rig Dive Drill is used for offshore foundation work in water depths up to 250 m. It is a rotary drilling system for boring out the inside of a rammed steel pipe to support the ramming process if penetration resistance is too high. But the Dive Drill can also be used as an alternative method for insertion of monopile foundations in hard subsoils. 

BAUER Dive Drill DD C 40

Further technologies for maritime use

The MeBo is a remote-controlled seabed exploration device. It carries out exploration drilling in the deep sea using the rope core method. This can be used for example to explore deposits of massive sulfides or gas hydrates. The MeBo 200 can be used in water depths of up to 4,000 m, the maximum drilling depth is 200 m.

The Fly Drill drilling rig is mounted on steel pipes. It is used when drilling needs to be carried out for flat offshore foundation systems using the Kelly drilling method. The maximum drilling and water depth is approx. 60 m. 

The Bauer Sea Bed Drill BSD 3000 is an underwater drilling rig for deep waters that operates using a full face roller-bit by means of the air lifting process. It is specifically designed for rock drilling. The maximum drilling depth is 11 m.

Minimally invasive sampling and mining of massive sulfide deposits in the deep sea? It can be done! The “Vertical Approach” is based on our established diaphragm wall equipment. As a relatively small-scale intervention with a minimal ecological footprint, this approach is an ideal method for test mining and exploration of deposits up to a depth of 3,000 m.

Deep Sea Sampling

As part of the research project “Deep Sea Sampling – Development of technologies for vertical, minimally invasive deep sea mining” (funded by the BMWi), BAUER Maschinen GmbH is developing innovative solutions in a variety of work packages to serve the high demands placed on systems for deep sea mining in a consortium made up of research institutions and industry partners. The focus is on electrification, automation, preventing turbidity clouds and cleaning the process water. The research project was recognized with the Bauma Innovation Award in 2022.

Bauma Innovation Award 2022 – Research: Deep Sea Sampling

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