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With Bauer drilling rigs, you can accomplish your specialist foundation engineering projects in an efficient, safe and sustainable manner. Efficient, because we also deliver matching accessories and all drilling tools from a single source along with the multi-function equipment. Safe, because our assistance systems provide extensive support for operators during their work. And sustainable, because our award-winning energy-efficient power (EEP) technology has been setting standards for years even at great drilling depths when it comes to the emissions behavior and diesel consumption of our large rotary drilling rigs. 

Our drilling rigs

Whether you are drilling piles, mixing or improving soil, our equipment is as flexible as your requirements. That’s why we offer you two series of drilling rigs with different mast kinematics: the H-model line and the V-model line. If you are looking for a drilling rig specifically for kelly drilling, then you should get to know our ValueLine.

BAUER BG series

What makes our large rotary drilling rigs unique?

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Our BG 42 inspires

Top performance, easy transport and comprehensive after-sales service - our BG 42 also inspires our customer Tafelmeier.