BAUER Cube System

As a forerunner in cutter technology for specialist foundation engineering, we thought it was time to redefine the limits of what is possible with the new BAUER Cube System. With our fully electrical, compact cutter system, we are expanding the horizons of specialist foundation engineering and opening up entirely new opportunities for the construction of diaphragm walls.  

The BAUER Cube System is an all-round talent. Why? Because with this system we have created a modern and sustainable solution for specialist foundation engineering. This fully electrical equipment is resource-efficient and generates little dust and noise – which benefits people as well as the environment as a whole. 

Höhe Schlitzwandfräse
6,06 x 2,90 x 2,44 m
Transport dimensions per container
640 mm - 1.000 mm
Trench width
2.400 mm
Trench length
40 m
Cutting depth
56 t
Total weight

BAUER Cube System

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